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May 9, 2016

When I was young, I attended Abberley Park Montessori, a preschool in Christchurch. Not long after I left, my Mum bought the preschool. Since then I have grown up with a passion and love for children, empowered by my beautiful mother. From lining all of my teddies up along the wall at home and practicing being a teacher, to relieving and being at Mum's preschools whenever the opportunity arose, I can definitely say it's always been in my blood, and knew from a young age what career path I wanted to walk. 


After attending St Margaret's College for 12 years I applied for Rangi Ruru Early Childhood College, one of the most recommended ECE college's in New Zealand. After being accepted, I put my head down for 3 hard years and graduated with a Nanny Certificate and an Early Childhood diploma. Immediately after graduating I begun working full time at my Mum's Nursery, but the studying didn't stop there.. 


Since beginning full time work 3 years ago, I have also completed my Montessori Diploma and Infant and Toddler Mental Health and Wellbeing certificate. I also became the head teacher at Learning Curves Nursery. 


I have great relationships with the families and whanau at our centre, and have always loved empowering and encouraging them. One of the topics that often arose was around their babies sleeping, or rather their lack of self-settling and re-settling skills. This triggered my desire in becoming a Sleep Consultant as I wanted to be able to support and answer all of their questions. 


Throughout my Sleep study I have been able to incorporate my Early Childhood knowledge also, weaving it through my sleep assessments; really advocating for infants, toddlers and young children and expressing the importance in their early years of learning and development. 


I want to help families and their children for their wellbeing and to allow parents to be empowered and confident in making rewarding and important decisions for their children. 


My family mean everything to me, as I'm sure your family does to you... 


I look forward to flooding you with Sleep and Early Childhood information...


Em xx 

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