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"I was lucky to be picked as a volunteer with my six month old who had a dummy, only had very short day naps and multiple night wakes. Emily gave me some great information, coached me through quickly getting rid of the dummy and helped me to lengthen his day naps and wean off some night feeds in order to help him sleep better at night. Thank you so much Emily!"


"Thank god for Emily! My baby was the incredible 'non sleeping baby'.
Up 4-5 times per night (at 9m) and a horrid daytime sleeper. With Emily's help I now have my sanity back and a baby that is down to 1 wake up per night and sleeping like a trooper during the day.
Thank you Emily for giving me the tools to be a well rested mama and for providing the plan to get my baby girl into a proper rhythm. X"


"Emily was amazing, she was great with communication and made us feel like she was with us every step of the way! Highly recommend! Our girl is sleeping through the night after waking multiple times. Thank you Emily!"


"Thank you emily for helping baby Cole and I get some routine into our life now 2 months old and is amazing at sleeping 99% of the time it was great to have so much support from you whenever I was stuck or lost you always helped me through thank you again x"


'Our 5 month old was fighting naps and getting to sleep at night and also had a dummy for resettling through the night. With Emily’s help we were able to get rid of the dummy quickly and our bub now settles herself reasonably quickly at sleep time. Emily was easy to work alongside, great with communicating and provided different ideas to meet our parenting style. Thank you so much!!'