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Sound Asleep Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions.
By using the Sound Asleep website and the services and information offered, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. When purchasing any products through the Sound Asleep website, there are additional terms and conditions for you to read and accept.

+ I agree to follow the safe sleeping practices that are in relation to the SIDS recommendations, ensuring I provide a safe environment for my baby/child.

+ I agree to seek advice and approval from my baby/child’s doctor if there is any medical history that may affect their sleeping and the sleep assessment. Sound Asleep are not able to diagnose any medical problems, however they may suggest to seek further medical advice.

+  I understand that my sleep assessment is specifically written for my baby and will therefore not be shared or given to anyone else

+  I understand that I must provide adequate information when filling out my sleep intake form

+  I understand that the information provided on the website and on the sleep assessments are accurate and relevant


+  I understand that I have 10 days to pay my invoice, calculated from the date it was sent.

+  I understand that there is an extra travel cost of 70c per kilometre outside a 20km radius of the Christchurch City Centre, to which these extra charges will appear on my invoice

+  Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to my appointment will mean I only receive 50% refund

+ Cancellations over 48 hours prior to my appointment will mean I receive a 100% refund

+ If I have an outstanding invoice, I understand that a collection agency will be involved, which may result in extra costs

Privacy Policy

+ I understand that only Sound Asleep employers will be able to access any personal information about me or my child. I will be asked permission for Sound Asleep to use any personal photos or information.

Refund Policy

+ Our refund policy states that if you are wanting to request a refund, this must be after you have followed my advice for three weeks. If there is no evidence or there is a refusal in following my advice and sleep assessment, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Complaints Procedure

+ If you would like to make a complaint or share a concern, please email this to Emily at We aim to reply within 48 hours.